Yoga Class and Live Music with Sri & Joakin

Yoga Class and Live Music with Sri & Joakin

Sri & Joakin lead a holistic yoga class, incorporating kirtan, pranayama, along with hatha yoga using both English and Sanskrit names.  Live music provides the mind a place to focus while moving through the poses.


Class begins with acoustic music, inviting those who wish, to sing along or chant Aum.  With a peaceful mood set, Sri begins a Pranayama session to enhance deep breathing, before moving into a dynamic vinyasa Ashtanga-based series, which include standing/sitting asanas and inversions.  The class is enhanced by the warm acoustic music of Joakin on harmonium.  This holistic practice is great for beginner and intermediate yogis.

Class Duration and Booking Information:

  • Average Class Duration: 1 hour & 30 minutes.
  • Please email us at to verify availability dates and with any other questions you may have. Please also visit our Calendar page to have a reference on where in the world we are touring in order to reference and help you with your booking schedule.
  • For general reference about our bookings please visit our Booking page.
  • Please note the further in advance your booking is made it allows us to group performances in the tour and makes travel costs affordable.