SRI's current artistic inspiration takes her deep into the dance music genre. She DJs and produces music with an affinity for Tech House, interspersing cultural elements from around the world. Her separate, ethereal yet percussive mixes pull from many and varied spiritual paths, with the desire for soul expression and physical transcendence.  

SRI’s career reflects her eclectic artistry.  As Co-director of Taal Dance Collective she's performed with the best of the South Asian Progressive DJ scene (Karsh Kale, MIDIval Punditz and the late, great Cheb i Sabbah).  With Baby Gopal (vocals/guitar) and Shelter (rhythm guitar) she released several albums and toured across Europe, U.S.A., North Africa and Japan.  Behind the scenes as a more private expression, she's performed and released two Bhajan & Kirtan albums. 

Her desire is to bring people together to dance and be joyful, to feel the bliss of positive vibrations through body, mind and soul.  SRI believes music and dance can bring peace and love to the world.  The more we sing and dance, the happier we feel - it is as simple as that.  


Sri's Bio in her very own words...

I was destined for dance music, but I got here circuitously.  My father had a Disco once - yes a Disco; with square dance floors, further sectioned into smaller individual squares that lit up with different colors - a quintessential Disco.  After that he had a live music venue that hosted amazing international acts.  Perhaps because of that I went on to be guitarist and front person in the Krishnacore Pop Punk band - Baby Gopal.  When we played at legitimate venues (as opposed to a Festival, Youth Center or squat - and we did them all) especially in Europe, once our show was over, the venue would then morph into a Night Club. We were an all-ages, ticket sales affair - so in hindsight they had half the night left to make more money, but I found it fascinating.

I wrote a bunch of my band’s songs in entirety, but I was most comfortable and most confident when I co-wrote with a band member.  I so admired their taste and their talent, in my opinion the sum of all parts was always greater than the whole.  I didn’t know I could feel the magic of songwriting from DJing.  Yes I could produce material, but in a fluid way, the way a band gets to be consistently creative.

The two bands I was in, and Taal Dance, a classical Indian/modern dance troupe… came to an end, for no reason other than people who share a love of art, don't always share longterm goals.  The need to create, to be independent, to enjoy the collaboration and company of great talent but not to depend on it… that led to SRIdj.  This has evolved to where I experience that same creativity; it’s different but there is the same satisfaction and organic quality where I can say, I wrote that - and more enjoyably… I co-wrote that.  What started out as me being a jukebox, albeit with some kick-ass remixes… evolved to creating and re-creating. 

A strength that I often thought a weakness, is my love of just about every genre of music - as long as it touches my heart.  SRIdj has allowed me to pull all the crazy elements of my life: my Aussie flavor, from Indigenous to Rock to Melb Bounce; my Indian love affair with Classical, Folk and Devotional music; a deep love for Jazz (and Blues, Disco and Latin) thanks to a father with impeccable taste in music, my appreciation for African music - the rich percussion, rhythm and authentic vocals that evoke the origin of man; a love for middle eastern vocals, haunting prayers that waft from the mosque tower, and around the globe... to Spain, France, mother England and still a punk edge that nags until I add a little something rebellious to the mix.

found a vehicle that not only tolerates, but depends on all my loves working in concert.  Greater musicians have come before me to pave this genre… Iberican, Afro-World, Tech House, Bounce… call it what you like, all I care is that it makes you happy and makes you dance.  Happy people are nice people.  An ancient Vedic text called the 'Brahma-samhita’ describes the spiritual world as a place where, "every word is a song, every walk is a dance.”  Maybe that’s why music makes us feel so alive.