Frequently Asked Questions : FAQs

Why do you have flags at every event ?

We believe flags identify regions, cultures, languages, religions and history. Placing all the flags next to each other reminds us that all nations can live in peace and dance together. #unitedwedance

How can I participate?

You can participate with the following roles:

  • Booking Agent
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Promoter
  • Dancer
  • Visual Artist
  • Musician
  • DJ

Please contact us at with your initiative.

Do you take music requests?

We do take music requests from our music catalogue shared within our music mixes. Please click here to listen.

Where are you based?

We are nomadic.

What are your values?

Peace, Love, Unity, Dance and Respect.

What is your mission?

Dancing and Singing United.

What is your vision?

Global and Universal Peace.