Book a Celebration !

Thank you for your interest to book a celebration with Global Party People!
Please email: or text/call +1.310.403.3078. 

In preparation for your inquiry we would like to assist you with our booking categorizations. We are currently doing two different types of bookings:

    1. Free Community Celebrations
    2. Commercial & Private Events

      Free Community Celebrations are regularly scheduled once a month and we welcome you to join us for a dance by the beach, the forest and under the stars. If you wonder how we keep the LOVE message across the world is with your participation.

      If you would like to donate your venue when climate and weather won't allow us to stay afloat then please email us or reach out to us over the phone via text or facebook messenger or skype @globalpartypeople  Please click here to check our Celebrations Calendar to stay updated with key dates, picnics and events.

      We also welcome Sponsors and Volunteers to join us. If you are interested to book Global Party People within this category, the following guidelines apply:

      1. Free Community Event.
      2. Outdoors / Open-Air Gatherings / Day Light to Sunset.
      3. All Ages.
      4. Family Friendly.
      5. Comply with the law and rules of the area.

      Free Community Celebrations are typically scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays with the mission to create free gatherings for the community to dance and celebrate life, united.

      Commercial & Private Events offer more flexibility to you as the event organizer with the following benefits.  Your choice of:

      1. Venue
      2. Calendar dates
      3. Ticket sales
      4. Theme

      For these commercial and private events, Global Party People will perform music shared on our mixes.  10% of all booking guarantees are donated to one of the Organizations We Believe In because of their values and effective improvement in the lives of people in crisis. For more information click here to learn more about them.

      Let us know which of these two booking types best relate to your event; share with us event dates you have in mind, wherever you are in the world... because we are GLOBAL PARTY PEOPLE!!! 

      Our favorite gigs are often during summer, and we love community celebrations, yoga festivals, PRIDE parades and any gatherings with a healthy party attitude!


      Global Party People