Acoustic Kirtan & Ragas with Sri & Joakin


Strong female-led kirtan, call & response singing, sitting or standing to get everyone dancing.  Accompanied by harmonium, karatalas and percussion.  Sri & Joakin explain what the mantras mean. S&J also perform devotional bhajan songs filled with pastimes about Devas (Gods) and Devis (Goddesses), and share the intimate stories of love and adventure. Minimum of 2 musicians and vocalists.  Harmonium, karatalas, percussion and conch. Click play on the youtube link below to listen, enjoy and sing along with us.


    Performance Duration and Booking Information:

    • Average Performance Duration: 1 hour & 30 minutes.
    • Please email us at to verify availability dates and with any other questions you may have. Please also visit our Calendar page to have a reference on where in the world we are touring in order to reference and help you with your booking schedule.
    • For general reference about our bookings please visit our Booking page.
    • Please note the further in advance your booking is made it allows us to group performances in the tour and makes travel costs affordable.

    Thank You,

    Sri & Joakin